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Dualtron Victor, Black

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The Victor series has a newly remastered, more powerful and better equipped high-end/high-range city oriented designr. Powered with a 4000W motor, supplied by either a CN 60V24Ah or an LG 21700 60V30Ah battery. ECO/TURBO and SINGLE/DUAL multi-switch, allowing the rider to choose their preferred driving mode.


  • Hydraulic disc brake system on the front and the rear
  • 160 mm braking disks
  • The physical braking system is paired with our patented highly performant magnetic/electric braking
  • ABS
  • Ultra wide 10 inches x 3 tires (CST) with inner tubes for a better adherence
  • Folding double lock for better stability of the handle bar steering tube
  • 2 front led lights for adequate visibility of the rider during night rides.

    Vendor Part Number: 901008