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Beeline Moto Mounts, Black

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The Beeline Moto Mounts allow you to mount your Beeline Moto in a variety of positions.

  • Ball Mount:
  • The Ball Mount adaptor allows you to use your Beeline Moto with a variety of the popular 1" diameter RAM ball systems. When used with a fork-nut mount this is a good option for those with clip-on bars.
  • Bar Mount:
  • Simple and stylish, the black anodized Bar Mount comes with rubber shims to allow for fitting to most standard bar sizes. The adjustable head allows you to rotate the mount for the perfect angle. Includes shims for 22, 25 and 32mm bars.
  • Rear-View Mirror Mount:
  • The Rear-View Mirror Mount offers a neat and tidy way to attach your Beeline Moto onto the rear-view mirror stalk of your ride. Constructed of metal with a stealthy black anodized finish, the clamp is fully-adjustable and has soft rubber grips to make sure your mirror does not get damaged. Fits 10-16mm stalks. Perfect for scooter and motorcycle rear-view mirror stalks, narrower accessory or faring bars.
  • Strap Mount:
  • The simple, low-profile, lightweight Strap Mount can be attached to almost any bar, no matter the shape or size. The included elastic bands work for most bars, but if you have particularly large or small bars you can swap them for something more appropriate. Includes silicone rubber protective base to help grip tightly and keep your bars in perfect condition. Features the iconic Beeline arrow motif. Included elastic bands are suitable for diameters ranging from 24-36mm.
  • Sticky Pad Mount:
  • The modular Sticky Pad Mount features adhesive pads that hold on tightly and can be removed without leaving any residue. Fully-adjustable with a removable extender, the mount uses the same fittings commonly used for most action cameras, so you can build your own mount using other parts. Perfect for mounting on instrument panels, clip-on triple-tree clamps, brake fluid reservoirs, fuel tanks and dashboards.

    Vendor Part Number: MNT2.0_STK