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Atlas Brace Vision Neck Collar, L/XL, Grey/Orange

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Designed for one specific purpose, void of anything that doesn't contribute to that single job. The complete re-imagining of the neck protection category leap frogs the competition with a simplified form, addition of advanced and proven materials, and the biggest improvement in user experience since the birth of neck protection. By only being built up over the shoulders, the Atlas Vision Neck Collar aims to reduce compression forces by removing the traditional front and rear 'shelves' of a neck brace. Range of motion is increased by up to 66%, weight is reduced by 45% (vs Atlas Air), and the fit of the product creates a substantially wider audience for the product.

  • Forged/machined 7075 aluminum
  • D30 industry-proven advanced impact absorbing material
  • No tools, no hassle, unique design removes the need to adjust for chest thickness
  • Choose from 2 preset height adjustments.
  • Split-flex frame promotes flex to mimic natural body movements for maximum comfort and mobility
  • 2nd generation hybrid strap separates into two pieces but retains a thick bottom/thin top for comfort
  • Chest support pads sit around the sternum
  • Rear frame sits around the spine
  • Virtually unnoticeable 325g (0.7 lbs.).

    Vendor Part Number: VC1-07-020